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Life is just like the phases of the moon.

Sometimes it is BRIGHT. Sometimes you can barely see it's light. Sometimes it is full and it feels like plenty, even overflow. Other times it seems thin and scares. Just remember, just like the moon, it will change.

When life is full, store up. There will be times when your phone never stops ringing and there are always people around or trying to come around. Maximize those relationships. Learn and teach as much as you can. Save the memories and the information, the lessons.

When life feels empty, refocus. It's not empty. It is just providing you space to filter through all that you experienced when it was full. Who, what brought the most value? What did you learn from that period? Appreciate the quiet time given to you to reflect. Study yourself so you can grow.

All the time spent between the jam packed days and the empty days are for field study. Get in the game. Find out who the new players are. Learn who your teammates are. Study them. The best teams are built by individuals who understand the magic in allowing

people to shine in their gifts. Assist each other for the Universal WIN! Learn from the ones leading the game. Find people that can help you elate. Look for others to pour into.

When it is full again, just wait...

Just like the moon, it will change.


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