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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

So I hear you've been feeling stuck!!! Well, are you ready to do something about it or are you staying there?

Stuck, such an interesting word. Most people associate the word stuck with feeling trapped and NOBODY likes feeling trapped! I know I don't. SOOOOOO, I purpose we do away with the "feeling" of being stuck! In other words.... LET'S MOVE!!!

The most challenging part of my growth was literally taking the first step. The first step for me was LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!!! I had to get to a place where I was willing to take responsibility for my own life. We ALL go through things. We have dreams for ourselves that don't always become reality. We get into relationships that we expect to last a lifetime that don't often times fades away. We make plans that sometime just don't come into fruition. When this happens, we are left feeling frustrated.

So now that we agree, things don't always go according to our plans, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??? Well, if you want to change it you must first take ownership.

So often we want to play the blame game. While we cannot deny, many of us have faced some challenging circumstances, we must look at them differently in order to advance. For YEARS I felt as if my life was going NOWHERE fast!!!! Well, I was right, I WAS going nowhere fast, I was STUCK! I blamed, Corporate-America, failed relationships, the death of loved ones, financial hardship, classism, and racism for the condition I found my life in. I remained in a cycle of hardship for over 20 years. It actually got worse and worse with each year that passed. It was a vicious cycle that seemed to never end until I had enough. I was trapped and ready to breakout of the bondage!

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. It is MY life and I can decide how I choose to look at it. I WAS trapped but it was all in my mind. Yep, just like that, I changed my perspective, changed my story and changed my reality!!! IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE, I know because I DID IT!!! (Well, I am doing it, it is a never ending process).

Make a pledge to yourself. If you want a new life the first step is to acknowledge where you are. Do NOT beat yourself up if you are in an unhappy, unhealthy place. You are already in the position to win once you acknowledge you need to make some adjustments. Let's face it, you canNOT fix a problem if you don't acknowledge a change is necessary. It is impossible. That is why accountability is so crucial.

Wherever we find ourselves in life, if we are unhappy, we CAN CHANGE. Once I acknowledged and accepted where I was and owned it, I was in a good position to elevate. Now I must admit, that acceptance stage is not easy. It requires a long look in the mirror. Although it was challenging, it was definitely rewarding. The hardest thing for me was to stop beating myself up for past choices. Once I stopped punishing myself and I just

accepted my reality, I started actively identifying relationships, habits and the mindset that kept me "feeling" stuck.

Let's make a CONSCIOUS decision to acknowledge and accept where we are in life. Once we take ownership for where we are we then have the ability to make some adjustments and change the direction life is going in.



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