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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I was sitting here thinking about all of the suffering going on in the world right now. The number of people that are homeless, hungry, alone. How many people do you know that lost a close family member within the past 24 months? How many have lost their jobs? What about close relationships

with individuals you once loved? Divorce, money, SANITY!!!! How many siblings are currently at odds? The world is different.

Different, yes, that is the best word that comes to mind but what does that mean? Different from what? Let's travel, just a little bit...

In the 1950s the majority of households had two parents. Now, that is not to say that children who are brought up in single parent homes are not loved. With the absence of one parent there is a void created in some capacity. That void creates some sort of suffering. It is inevitable.

In the 1960s & 1970s there was a liberation movement that swept through the United States that has not stopped, however, it has certainly shifted. There would be no need to fight for justice if there was no suffering do to all the injustice in this world.

With technology came more people alone on their computers, laptops and/or cell phones. Individuals getting to know each other went from dating and hanging out with friends in public social settings to literally dating via text messages. This is the "selfie generation". Selfie, clearly is not promoting unity. That individualistic behavior is causing humans to slowly detach from one another in more ways than one.

In 2020 the entire world was hit with a global pandemic. We all know there has been one word plaguing the ENTIRE world for two years now. I have no doubt 100% of the people who have had any access at all to any type of media were exposed to the word COVID. Think about the power the entire world gave that one word. It has most defiantly altered all of our lives in one way or another.

It is time to switch the focus! What if we started with our small circle and asked our circle to share it with their circle? What if just everyone reading this blog challenged EVERYONE they knew to challenge everyone they know ( and keep it get it) to change their frequency from being individualistic to communitive. While we take care of ourselves individually, which is necessary, let's bring back the unity. THE FREQUENCY IS LOVE!!! We can no longer deny the world is in a state of emergency. There is an obvious lack of love! What if we collectively switched the focus from money, destruction, greed, sex, hate, and material things and changed it to love. There would be so much pressure applied to the internet it would change the algorithm.

Let's get back to promoting music that encourages unity, family, love, being in love and joy more than promoting destruction and division. What if we reversed the curse of division and replace it with the frequency of love? What if all forms of the media; internet, television, radio, print material, billboards, and anything other forms of communication, agreed to push the agenda of love and unity for 12 months? What do you think would happen?

CLEARLY the media and the politicians are working together to promote fear and division. At this point the focus needs to be on reversing this individualistic, barbaric behavior that causes us to harness so much greed that we are willing to watch our fellow humans die of hunger. We ALL know if one individual can be worth almost $200 billion and there is less than 8 billion people in the entire world, the problem is greed, NOT resources. He could literally give $1 BILLION to every single individual in the world and still have well over $150 BILLION. Oh, and here is the punchline... HE ISN'T EVEN THE WEALTHIST IN THE WORLD!!!! Can your mind fathom that? Man's ego is literally killing the world and everyone in it. Even though the powers that be are aware, their egos are addicted to the greed that is causing the destructive behavior.


Regardless of what religion, spiritual practices, universal practices you may follow I am sure the vast majority of us can agree the world can use more love. If you cannot agree on that I am not sure WHAT kind of human you are.

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