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PROVERBS FROM THE PATIO: Think About What You Are Thinking About!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

"As a man thinkith, so is he." Proverbs 23, vs 7. Seven words put together to form a sentence that is more powerful than most of us give credit. Thoughts become things. Have you heard that statement before? Let's break it down and really THINK about what that means.

Let's start by dissecting the word think. Here are the Webster's all in one, definitions of the word THINK... 1. "To form or have in the mind 2. to have as an opinion 3. to reflect on, ponder 4. to call to mind, remember 5. to reason 6. to form a mental picture of, imagine." Now, let's dig a little deeper into the word imagine." Using Webster's again, let's look at imagine. "Imagine- 1. to form a mental picture of something NOT in the present 2. to hold as an opinion."


Would you agree that the statement thoughts become things suggest, IF you can monitor your thoughts, you can change the things that become a reality in your life? I would think so. So how do you monitor your thoughts? CAN we actually control our thoughts? Where do our thoughts come from?

Although the research continues on the brain and our thoughts, one thing we do know for sure, we contribute to our thoughts with what we expose ourselves to. On Feb 8,2021 there was an article posted on based on a study that was completed in 2018. The research shows the average person over 18 spends about 4 hours a day watching television. That comes out to about 120 per month, 1440 per year. That means, an average of 14,400 of television in ten years. This statistic did not address searching on the internet (which is a real addiction for many), movies, and video games. Top that off with reading and music. THAT is a lot of information people! Before we finish, consider targeted advertisement, and conversations with others. In other words, we are CONTINUEOUSLY exposing ourselves (or minds) to things that influence us.

Now that we have identified many of the ways we expose our minds to things, let's consider a few of the possibilities. When we think we form visuals in our mind. The thoughts become real in our minds first. What if we were very strategic with the information we allow in? What if we ONLY listened to music that was in alignment with what we desire for ourselves. Consider this, there is a 15 year old young American girl who says she wants to move to Kenya when she is 25. For 10 years she "said" she wants to live in Kenya, but what did her actions say? She watched Japanese television and listened to music in Japanese. She even downloaded an app on her phone to translate words between English and Japanese. She wore clothes that were inspired by the Japanese culture. She emerged herself into their way of life. Now, considering the research within 10 years she would have consumed 14,400 hours of Japanese influence. Now, add on all of the other missing factors such as music, videos, people, ect and we have to acknowledge that is a LOT of influence.

What you put inside of you is what is going to come out. THINK about what you are THINKING about. You will NOT experience a happy life full of health if you are ALWAYS worried about being diagnosed with a disease and dying young. You will NOT enjoy a life of abundance if you are THINKING lack all of the time.

Life doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. If we learn to be strategic about what we are exposing our conscious as well as our subconscious (we will dig deep into the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious in the future so stay with us) to.


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