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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-14

That crazy style you have, the "awkward" way you dress, that love for body art (tattoos and piercings), that music you like that none of your friends like, that is what makes you you! EMBRACE THAT!!!

There is so much pressure in the world today to fit in. Pressure to look the same, dress the same, drive vehicles that look a certain way. You need to stay up on the latest gossip, hot-spots, and fashion trends. There is pressure to know who is fighting with whom and who is sleeping with whom on reality shows AND in the churches. When will it be enough?

Okay, here comes one of those statements that make you look and sound old...

I remember when I was younger (told you) we had more conversations about books than we did about gossip. My circle of friends were waiting to find out if Winter was ever going to get Midnight's attention in Sister Souljah's books NOT who was sleeping with who's man on whatever reality show was on the night before. Now, I literally cannot remember the last time I saw an adult, let alone a child just sitting outside reading an actual book. I am not talking about holding a cell phone and scrolling to read celebrate gossip or fake "drama" news (there is a real agenda with that however we will address that in a future conversation) on the internet, I mean an actual book. There is something wrong with that!!!

Our children are outsiders if they don't listen to music that brings division and destruction. Why are we okay with trying to "fit in" to be accepted? An even more important question is, why are we okay with allowing our children to see us trying to "fit in". Are we telling our children to be themselves while they "watch" us try to "keep up with the Jones"? Which is it going to be?

If you are a corporate woman who likes Trap Music, own it! If you are the most popular at your school and you prefer classical music to the top 100 list, own that! If you prefer jazz, ballet or tap dancing opposed to twerking, that's okay, tap away! Your individuality IS what makes you you, don't shut that down. It really is okay to follow trends that you like, that is how you learn about new things. It is just as important for you to follow your own path. What are YOU naturally drawn to? What are YOU interested in? Don't just pay attention to what everyone around you, pays attention to. The most important person in your world is YOU. What is on the inside of you?

Think about the number of children that were probably considered "nerds" that grew up to be doctors or philosophers, astronauts, musicians and research analyst. We depend on many of those "nerds" to discover the next trend the world will go in or even for our health, literally! Many of those "weird" kids with all the tattoos and piercings grew up to produce some of the most inspirational, motivating, entertainment. Who can't think of a song that helped them get through a rough time in their life? Don't you have a movie you remember watching where someone went through a bad relationship but ended up happily in love by the end of the movie? Those writers, actors, directors, musicians who use their art help to bring some joy or at least hope when life feels hopeless. What if those "weirdos, squares, geeks" tried to bury who they really were to "fit in"? The entire world could have/would have missed out on something that played apart in evolution if not on a macro (worldwide) certainly on a micro (personal) level. THAT can change the course of life for the collective, LITERALLY!

Trends are cool, we all love them. While we are staying abreast to the latest "everything" in the outside world we must remember to listen to the most important voice, the one on the inside. That voice may be directing you to go a different path in a particular area. That path may lead to a ground breaking idea that just might change the world. As Big Sean said, "One Man Can Change the World" (It's a cool song, look it up).


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