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The Vision

In our community your spiritual, emotional and physical health are our priority. 

We believe in order to assist one on their journey, we must offer an atmosphere that represents peace, tranquility, growth and elevation.

Each day we seek to elevate our people to a higher standard.

At High Vibrations, we offer a continuum of care to meet your needs at every stage of your healing journey.

Holistic Hub

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The Village

The Holistic Hub is the foundation for all of the work we do at High Vibrations. The Hub offers classes, 1:1 coaching, peer mentorship, group coaching, rountables, book studies, and retreats. 

The Hub is a great touchpoint for individuals searching for additional knowledge to supplement their healing journeys. 


Temporary Respite Care

The Spa offers several products and services that cater to your spiritual, emotional and physical health in a luxury atmosphere.

The Spa caters to individuals who just need a quick getaway to rest and rest. Spa packages cover single day, multi-day, and multi-week stays. We also offer week-long spa retreats. 


Communal Living Home

Extended Stay Housing


The Communal Living Home is place of respite. This home is a place where you can come and get the temporary rest needed for spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal in a safe, beautiful place. During their time in the home, residents have access to one on one and group coaching, the spa, and The Hub. Residents also participate in specialized programming designed to meet their individual needs. 

The Communal Living Home serves individuals who who like intensive 1:1 care in an environment where their only responsibility is to relax and focus on themselves. Rooms are available to book for a minimum of two months to a maximum of two years.

Learn more about the first communal living home: Soul Sistah Stand Up

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