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The Initial Breaking (Grief)

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On April 5, 2006, my father, who also served as my pastor, financial advisor and best friend, suddenly transitioned from Earth. His passing was one of the most devastating and life altering experiences I have had during my time here on Earth. It would take 14 years before I decided to take responsibility for every aspect of my life and enact a change that resulted in the creation of High Vibrations Holistic Hub


Each one of us is purposed during our time on Earth. The journey to "you" is about finding out who you are, what your purpose is, and how to move in that calling. Here is my story...

The Blueprint

My parents, Glennie Hill and Rev. Clarence Hill, created a magical childhood for myself and my three siblings. As partners and co-workers in faith and family, our parents worked hard to provide for us spiritually, emotionally, and materially. We went to the best schools in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. Our mother always volunteered to be a parent chaperone for school field trips. We rarely had free time after school. Our parents ensured our schedules were filled with music lessons, foreign language study, swimming lessons, Girl & Boy Scouts, church events, and week-long family vacations.


This life was atypical for a Black family in Milwaukee, WI during the crack cocaine epidemic, but it was my norm.

This is the life I wanted to create for myself and my three children.

The Journey to Me


After my father, Rev. Clarence Hill, passed in 2006, I went to a therapist to deal with the grief and learn additional coping skills. While I was learning so much from my therapist, I was no longer able to continue benefiting from the services. Without a therapist and my father, life seemed to get harder and harder with each passing year.


For fourteen years, I lived on autopilot - just going through the motions of life. I was trying to figure out my next step, my support systems, and my path in this life. I often thought back to how different my life was than the one I thought I would have based on my upbringing. 

Another Breaking (Material Instability)


In 2009, I earned my M.B.A and accepted a position in Dallas, Texas. I was selected as the commencement speaker and delivered a speech entitled "Never Give Up." These words, spoken into the universe, became the yellow brick road leading me to Oz.


Shortly after I moved to Dallas, the position I expected to have was eliminated. Even though I was a top performer and an overachiever, I struggled to find a job that would value my time, talent, and expertise. 

Even when the world felt like it was crumbling around me, I never gave up. 

I continued looking for jobs and began volunteering in the community as a way to return to my roots. For almost a decade, my children and I moved from house to house searching for some sense of stability and peace. Even though we were struggling, as a family, we regularly served at the Union Gospel Mission, Uhuru Academy, and Act of Change. This work was an easy way to continue my parent's legacy with what means, time, and energy I had as we were trying to find our own footing in the world. 

By 2016, my life looked exactly opposite from the one I had hoped to create. I was a single mother with 3 children. My father, my mother and my brother had passed and my husband had left.

Yet, another breaking (Emotional Numbness)

In my quest to keep my children safe and fed, I felt I had no choice but to bury my emotions.

I was in survivor mode.

I knew what harms could befall my children because of our situation. I knew the destiny America signed for Black children of single mothers who struggled to find work. I was haunted by the memories of all of the people who were trapped in the criminal punishment system due to crimes of poverty and drug use who came to our church for support. I knew some of their histories and they looked a lot like the life my children and I were living.

Nevertheless, I never gave up. Their safety was my primary priority. 

A Breaking Through



As I continued to press toward Oz,  I met a few friends along the way. These women and I developed a sisterhood and began to have community gatherings and host events on a monthly basis. After 3 years, our sisterhood developed into a communal living home we called Soul Sistah Stand Up. Soul Sistah Stand Up was a safe place where women could put their resources together to create a stronger support systems that met each of our needs. We were in it together because we understood we were not meant to do life alone. 

I wanted a different narrative.

I wanted to know the divine feminine.

I wanted to be all of who I was called to be by the Creator. 




Soul Sistah Stand Up provided the experience and community I needed to begin pressing toward my vision. Leaning on Glennie and Rev. Clarence Hill's example, in 2020 founded High Vibrations Holistic Hub to elevate our people to a higher standard. Since 2020, I have honed my gift for creating non-judgmental healing spaces that employ a universal language to speak to the unique needs of each client.  

At High Vibrations, we start with spiritual and emotional healing and wellness and journey with you to address other key areas of wellness. We believe that spiritual and emotional wellness is the foundation for life lived by our motto:

Elevating Our People to. a Higher Standard.

Often, our heavy emotions keep us from tapping into our own power and building the healthy community we each need to reach our goals. High Vibrations Holistic Hub provides a resting place for healing that will allow each person to reach their full potential.  


High Vibrations Holistic Hub is the Dallas, TX evolution of Amazing Ministries, founded by my parents in Milwaukee, WI. Just like in the 80s, we are facing social issues, ways of being, and modes of interaction that will have an indelible impact for generations to come.


The amount of death, violence, corruption, and emotional despair we now face begs a new and radical solution.

High Vibrations is part of the solution.

Elevating our people to a higher standard.

Lotus Jay, Founder
High Vibrations Holistic Hub


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