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​​​​Marveta, known to her friends as Ms. Lotus, grew up a Pastor’s Daughter in the Midwest. She always knew she was blessed to have the parents that she did, the love of big families and the church. When her father suddenly transitioned unexpectedly in April of 2006 followed by her mother and only brother shortly thereafter, everything changed.

​Trying to make sense of how drastically life changed, and missing the support of the village she grew up with, she battled sickness and poverty while trying to keep her children together. Her disappointment in her inability to find the love she once knew in family, community, and the church, she lost religion and found an authentic relationship with God. Her patio became her sanctuary. It was there she began to learn about Sacred Soul Contracts and the Ancestral Realm. She learned how life’s traumatic experiences manifest in the chakra system and show up as sickness and disease in the body.  When she sat on her patio and looked back over her life wondering, "how did I get here", she began to view her life as a movie and everyone, every situation she encountered as a part of the script. She saw the people in her life as costars, supporting actors and extras. They were all contracted to be in her film to teach her something. She learned God was so strategic in the creation of each person that the date, time, and location of birth serves as the backdrop for the movie setting.

​Today, Ms. Johnson dedicates her life as a Spiritual Coach for those who serve as coaches to others. She helps others on their journey to their own destiny as a spiritual coach, workshop facilitator and public speaker. After growing up as a pastor’s daughter and her personal work as a mentor and community advocate, she realized how important it is for those who live to serve, to have a healthy effective support system for their own survival.



Coaching the Coach- Supporting those who support others.

​Sacred Soul Contracts - Understanding everyone in one's life play a role to their destiny.

Shadow Work – Looking at the inside of oneself to gain control over one’s own life.

Say Their Name – Healing the hurt of grief by understanding the power and purpose of keeping the memory of the ancestors alive.

Life’s CliffsNotes – Tapping into the power of understanding one’s birth chart.

The Trinity – Understanding the spirit, the soul inside of the body.

The Student/Teacher/Master- Learning the process of the study of self.

Left Brain/Right Brain – Balancing the masculine and the feminine energy.

The Spiritual Coaches' Coach

Marveta "Ms. Lotus" Johnson
Founder, High Vibrations Holistic Hub

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