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Dr. Michele Semerit Strachan
Creativity Coach, High Vibrations Holistic Hub

Semerit Strachan, MD, is a student and faculty member at the Cultural Wellness Center in SouthMinneapolis, MN. She has been the Director of Medicine at the Center since its beginning in1996. She particularly helps community members reconcile parts of themselves that havepreviously been exiled from their sense of self.


She is masterful at understanding and teaching
the symbolic language of the Body through its symptoms of disease and discomfort, leading
people to inquire “What is my body really trying to tell me?”

In 2018, Dr. Strachan retired from the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program at the
University of Minnesota, where she had been on faculty since 2000. Her twenty-year practice
there focused on teaching children and their family members how to use inner resources to
change their physiology.

Since retirement, she has devoted herself to coaching, particularly professionals who feel they
have gotten disconnected from their soul while climbing the professional ladder. Her signature
coaching program uses culture, painting, and awareness through movement to lead her clients to
grounded confidence, renewed sense purpose, and recognition of their unique contribution. She
has presented these ideas through several workshops to the City of Minneapolis, the United
Nations, and several non-profit organizations including City of Lakes Community Land Trust,
and Community Catalyst.

Prior to her work at the University of Minnesota, she served with the Indian Health Service in
North and South Dakota, and in International Health with Save the Children (US) Federation.
Prior to that, she worked at Columbia University Medical Center first as a General Pediatrician,
then as the pediatrician in charge of the Pediatric Sickle Cell Clinic. Her expertise lies in creating
a space for the human spirit in the medical encounter, in using culture as a resource in health and
healing, and in teaching young people from infancy onward how to access inner resources to
change their physiology or disease process.

Dr. Strachan holds a BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown CT; an MD from Mt. Sinai
School of Medicine of City University of New York; and an MPH from Columbia University.
She received her pediatric training from Boston City Hospital; did a Fellowship in Ambulatory
Pediatrics and in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Columbia University, and a Fellowship
in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Strachan was the
recipient of a Bush Medical Fellow Award in 1994.

Dr. Strachan is a writer, poet and artist. She is a Color of Woman graduate and uses the Intentional
Creativity method in her life and wellness coaching. She has been trained as a Feminine Power
Coach and Facilitator. She is a certified Emergent Embodied Coach. She is a native of Haiti,
married to Donald, and mother to Ariele.

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