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Spiritual Detox/Rehab - Full 2 weeks 1/1

  • 24 hr
  • Based on Needs
  • Location 1

Service Description

Spiritual Detox/Rehab Many health care professionals encourage their patients/clients to consider some type of detoxing periodically in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Over time, allowing toxic build up to remain in the body unaddressed can put the organs and the body as a whole at risk for serious, even life threatening illness. Just like the physical body, allowing toxic experiences, relationships, patterns and behaviors to fester can and will create build up that can be harmful in many ways. SPIRITUAL DETOX is for those who have reached a time when they are ready to spend an intense, extended period of time addressing life experiences that may have gone unaddressed for years, causing emotional toxic build up. The first 3.5 days will be focused on detox, looking into the past to address what is impacting the present. Please review the description for the service "Facing Me". SPIRITUAL REHAB is when the coach and the client work together to rebuild the spiritual and emotional health. Once challenges are identified and addressed, the coach will assist the client with techniques to help sustain them by replacing toxic thoughts and behavioral patterns with healthy ones. The last 3.5 days of the week will focus on rebuilding. While society is moving into a more health conscious lifestyle, we cannot deny the rapid changes we are experiencing on a collective basis has increased the stress in the world. Stress is at the foundation of most of the life threatening diseases we face. Since COVID 19 has come in and altered everyone's sense of "norm"' fear for one's health, jobs, home, stability, relationships and safety has visited most homes. Stress is at an all time high. HVHH has designed a service where one can book sessions by the week. During that week, you will have extensive one on one care with your coach. The two of you will work at a pace that is comfortable for you over 7 days. You can expect... *Daily early morning meditation* Yoga *Daily Exercise (walks, hike, swim, aerobics) *Spiritual/ Detox Bath This time is designed to assist the client with reaching inner peace. The schedule will be made with the client to allow him/her the opportunity to relax as needed. Spiritual detox can be extensive. intense shadow work and can be emotionally draining. Hydration and rest are top priorities. Coaching approach options *Journaling, *Movies * Music *Drawing* Painting* Gardening Healthy meals included.

Cancellation Policy

HVHH does not offer refunds on appointments however you will receive a full credit towards your next appointment. Should you need an emergency same day appointment please contact us directly.

Contact Details

  • 214-907-8747

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