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High Vibrations Holistic Hub is designed to assist each of our clients on their journey to a more balanced life. In doing so, we offer spiritual retreats in combination with our client services. If you're interested in hosting your own retreat, Ms. Lotus is available to lead your circle of friends and family a destination of your choice.

All retreats start at $777 per person unless otherwise stated. Each standard retreat is generally scheduled for Friday at noon to Sunday evening. There is an option to extend your retreat through Monday afternoon. Should your group decide to extend, we will tailor the schedule to fit your vision at an affordable rate. 

HVHH Retreats samples

I Am Intentional About My Life

It's your life! Be intentional about it.

Join HVHH for a retreat to unpack the process and power of being intentional about your life.


Learn new, creative ways to take control of your thoughts and words to help guide you toward your desired life path.

Image by Nubelson Fernandes
Meditating in Backyard
Meditating in Backyard

Becoming A Lotus


This retreat (known as BAL) is designed for the female who desires to reconnect with her inner goddess.  Here we learn to BALance the masculine and feminine energy within. This is for all women 18 years old and up. The topics discussed are tailored for your specific group. It's a perfect gift for guardians who want to assist young ladies with a clear roadmap to tap into their inner power while allowing their feminine energy to dominate.

Join us for a weekend of honest discussions about the progressive woman living in a world full of expectations. During this retreat, we will gather an understanding of characteristics of the debutante, executive, entrepreneur, and homemaker to align with our inner strength while remaining soft.

The Co-Creators


Join HVHH for a weekend of healing through the arts. We will assist you in using your artistic abilities to co-create the life you desire. When we learn to tap into
the power of our creative expressions,  (drawing, painting, writing, poetry, dance, music ) we can find healthy ways to heal from past hurt and trauma.


The C0-Creators retreat is ideal for those who want to tap into their childlike imagination and learn to create their own future, along with professional artists.

Image by dusan jovic
Meditating in Backyard

Let That S**t Go

Join HVHH for a weekend of addressing and releasing past hurt that causes unnecessary obstacles in otherwise healthy relationships and impacts us emotionally. While we don't promise that you will leave free of all life's worries after one weekend, we do promise to be here with gentle, yet effective ways to face challenges and techniques in letting go.


Each retreat is generally scheduled for Friday through Monday. Should your group choose to extend its stay, we will tailor the retreat to fit your vision. Continental Breakfast will be available each morning by 5:15 AM. In addition to the meals provided, healthy snacks, fruit and drinks are available to guests throughout the entire stay.

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