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Building Homes

Spiritual Respite
Home Fundraiser

We are growing! Our reach is expanding, and we need a location to continue building our community. High Vibrations Holistic Hub (HV) is opening a Spiritual Respite Home that will also serve as our clubhouse. We are looking for 10 team captains to assist us with our goal of raising $50,000.

Raffle Details

High Vibrations will host a raffle from July 15 through August 15, 2024. We will pull 10 names from the raffle for the first retreat. For $25 per ticket, you, your friends and family will have a chance to participate in our 2-night, 3-day “Conscious Creators” retreat in October 2024. Here our guests will learn steps to identify and break limiting beliefs. We will also explain the impact of the subconscious mind, how it has been programmed and how to reprogram the subconscious mind.


The 2nd retreat will be awarded to the team captain who sells the most tickets. They will have 6 months to schedule a private retreat with their team members, family, staff or whomever you would like to invite. 

Winner will win:

  • Free retreat for 10 people  

  • 8 tickets to HV holiday party 

  • 1 Free one-on-one or group session with Ms. Lotus 

  • 25% off of top 2 memberships

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