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Two Family Waiting Rooms…

One was in the hospital. Everyone was quiet. There were little light conversations, meaningless chatter for the sake of breaking the silence. Sadness and sorrow was thick in the atmosphere. Tears... heaviness, hopelessness, sadness., more tears slightly dropped. The slow sound of the rhythm of the ventilator softly in the background. The heart monitor played its tune. Like a symphony the blood pressure machine chimed in. The quiet in the room was so loud it was deafening.

There was a second family waiting room. This one blazed with so much laughter and joy! The room was filled with smells blending together but each held its own aroma. The scent of meat smoking on the grill while cakes and pies proved their presence. As if in competition with the smells from the vegetables on the top of the stove, the mac and cheese and yams both displaying aroma and perfect color. The aunts told gave the younger girls instructions as to where to place the food as they brought the dishes from the kitchen to the serving table.

In one corner everyone had on their suits. They were dressed to perfection. They just left church, there was no doubt. The other corner was filled with individuals proving their loyalty to their favorite NFL teams, the Packers fans overpowered the room with their cheers while the TV blared. The debating was loud, laughter and more laughter. The other corner they all had on white. The men managed to handle their drinks steady in one hand while they tworled the ladies with the other. The other corner, adidas gear dominated. The shuffle of the cards was faint, spades players placed their bids. The domino players proved their strength as they slammed the bones on the tables. Maxwell, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Jill Scott, Johnnie Taylor and all of the 90s Hip Hop, Soul, Blues and R&B proved it was a family reunion of some sort. Same Ole Two step came on and everyone rushed to the dance floor. The elders danced with the teenagers as the uncles bopped with the grade schoolers. Everyone was excited. Everyone was happy.

The patio joined the inside with the outside. The sun was glowing. The water was visible through the curtains as they slow danced to the rhythm of the wind blowing. The waves of the ocean peeked as if they were trying to see inside the party room and gently laid back down in the bed of the ocean. A visualization of peace.

That family room anticipated birth. The new life was on the way. The smell, sound, look and feeling of joy was overwhelming.

The conductor brought the symphony from the first waiting room to a quiet, gentle close as the sounds of the machines faded. Simultaneously, the anticipation in the second waiting room grew stronger. As someone saw him walking from the ocean, across the white sand on the beach towards the party there was a loud shout...

HE'S HERE! The guest of honor has arrived!

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