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The Lunar Lifestyle w/ Queen Tea: Writing the Next Chapter

Hey Friends,

There will be a Full Super Moon at 6 degrees Aries on September 29, 2023. The Moon will be visually stunning in viewing regions around the world and create an unforgettable night of pleasure, pain or productivity.

Grab your journal and a hot cup of apple cider and we prepare for a beautiful season of release and self-preservation.

Journal Reflection: Writing The Next Chapter

Do you remember starting a "new chapter" around April 20, 2023? This time was marked by a New Moon, and Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20, 2023. Themes from that time may return in late September 2023.

This is a great time to be intentional about writing how this "new chapter" will continue and transition into the next chapter. Let's take a look at Pluto and Jupiter for some inspiration:

With Pluto, the planet of war, going direct on October 22, 2023 there is a lot of global intrigue and likely a plot twist for the next chapter of our collective story. The subtle bookends of mirroring new moon eclipses in April 20th and October 14th show a false finality. As you know, there is always more to come.

Juipter's retrograde through December 31, 2023 serves as a distant hero that can be woven into the storyline. It is a character or archetype that provides the light of inner expansion, a mastery of lessons. The arc of our unique and collective stories is longer than we might think. Themes of finally healing from a great betrayal or completing a large project may resonate during the lunation in Aries on September 29th.

The good news is this: the lessons learned in that time are starting to pay dividends. It is a Harvest Moon and this theme matches the inner work for many. The way we right our wrongs matters and will provide a great backdrop for our unique legacies.

A Sacred Shift: This is a reminder that it is okay to breathe through change. It may feel radical to join with others to get grounded, but it will really create some dedicated time to shift from thinking about what happened to being present in the moment and documenting what is happening. The way we live our lives provides context for the next generation about how to handle our mistakes, struggles, attachments, and failures.

You’re not alone in this journey. Let’s write the next chapter together.


Queen Tea

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