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June Energy Forecast

Turning War Into Water


Join me for a special evening at the theater. Entertainers from around the World will gather for a chance to have just one glimpse at the Strawberry moon. This lunation will enter into the astrological sign of Sagittarius on June 3rd and set the stage for dramatic shifts in communication bringing the illumination of new facts. A conflict in the main story line comes to a head and then softens as a spirit of self awareness falls on both parties. The sweetness of the strawberry harvest reminds us to be present with all the flavors of life and refocus on tending our own land.

 A steamy reunion takes center stage as caution is thrown to the wind to finally honor self expression. The tears that flow in the aftermath will cut the river path for the stream of abundance to be redirected back toward self. Stay tuned for an unforgettable ending. 

Breathwork: Close your eyes to open the stage doors of your mind. Enter your sacred space. 

*Breathe into the moment. Exhale. Remove your energetic shields and masks. Spend time in the mirror for self assessment. It is safe to be who you are at this moment. 

*Welcome your authentic voice. The vocal warm up helps us heal our insecurities. The sooner we feel our true feelings, the faster the conflict will resolve. 

Visualization: This imaginary amphitheater gives an opportunity for the mind to shift perspectives. You can access the teachings in the performance by seeing yourself as both the performer and audience during each scene. These are an intimate access point to view and process all the different parts of you that have something to say tonight. You are receiving Divine assistance. Can you envision the stage of the mind? 

Remember, there is no rehearsal - tonight’s performance will be a cipher. 

Reflection: What characters are on stage with you? Who is in the audience? Describe the moments of significance and why they matter. 

Writing Prompt: The Final Act: Turning War Into Water. How will the story end? We study ourselves to heal ourselves and hold space for others to do the same.

Self Care Tips:

  1. Document your side of the story. Separate fact from fiction.

  2. Access your subconscious feelings through rest and artistic expression. Release each emotion or feeling with grounding, movement and breathwork.

  3. Stay ready to have the conversations you thought you never thought you’d have. Identifying your feelings is the first part of communication.


Queen Tea

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