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August Forecast

August Energy and Revenue Forecast

August of 2023 is a powerful month for transformation. There are two full moons, a few planets in retrograde and specific times of the month when it is good to get grounded for the healing work ahead.

Queen Tea’s Almanac

Lunar Calendar

  • Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 at 6:31 PM at 9 degrees. (Cycle of resolution February 1, 2022).

  • New Moon Leo on August 16 at 9:35 AM.

  • Full Moon in Pisces August 31 at 1:35 AM at X degrees. (Cycle of resolution March 2, 2022).

Key Planetary Positions

  • Venus retrogrades in Leo July 22 - September 3

  • Mercury retrogrades in August 23 - September 4

  • Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius June 11 - January 2024

  • Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius June 17 - November 3


Astro - Story: Return to Sender

The energy of Aquarius rises in service like a nondescript UPS driver at the beginning of the month. Look for a mistimed package redelivery. An unopened gift of lessons from previous lunar cycles of resolution may reappear at your feet to be dealt with, deferred or dropped (Covey, 2015).

It is a sobering moment to observe who the package was from, and receive it with gratitude. Perhaps an ancestor? Or another version of yourself that was ready to evolve. This is a good time to write about the context of the box and change how the story ends - this time.

To be clear, this is not a time to physically check your doorstep for a package - the point is that our lessons come in many forms. The real gift is noticing the pattern of when our lessons were first delivered to us, refused and redelivered in rhythm with signalis in astrological patterns. Our freedom comes observing the pattern, handling lessons and no longer deferring receipt of their delivery.

Journal Prompt: “Knowing the truth is a gift.”

This is the time to observe our journal entries from February and March of 2022 to start thinking about the things we might need to clear up. For example, this gift may not be something we actually wanted to deal with at the time it was first received. The lesson might return in one of many forms such as a digital message, an unresolved discussion or an official communication.

As soon as the gift of truth is redelivered, a good course of action is to practice grounding our emotions in fact before a cycle of anxiety sets in. We can reframe the energy as excitement and shift ourselves back into our power. There aren’t really any more chances to send the box back. Just remember, there is no need to panic.

The Joy of Discovery

The hidden joy in the box is discovering the lessons will be helpful on an unexpected expedition ahead. The real work ahead lies in reevaluating the new situational context, releasing assumptions, sticking to the facts and flowing with the process. Focusing on the exhale is just as important as the inhale when breathing through the challenges.

Self Care In Action

Check your journals for reflections and lessons learned in February / March 2022. This might give a hint for the types of lessons that may be reviewed. Those who are wise will use time in their everyday activities to practice clear thought and get organized for the fall season.

Completing the Work

Unpacking the box will take work. Those who have cleared their communication cycles regularly may understand why the tools are in the box. Others might simply perceive the lessons as unrelated to our present life. However, I don’t know anyone who wasn’t pleased that they didn’t save that extra flashlight when the power goes out.

Creating Safe Spaces

There are some who may receive a seemingly empty box. This might show up as a feeling that something needs to change. That empty space is an opportunity to call back the order that was once denied. If those items you requested are no longer in stock, you may just have to find your own tools for the next leg of the journey.

What’s in the Box? Emergency Tools

An ax to represent the opening of truth, a bandage to care for the wound, a book of matches to create light and a map to navigate the road ahead.


Friends, it's time to address any microaggressions that have wounded us at work, in the street and or in the community. The way we speak to ourselves and others matters. Releasing the energy from our bodies will support us as we head into a season of potential miscommunications at the end of August when Mercury retrogrades in the fiery energy of Leo.

Our thoughts become our actions overtime. Balancing our emotions by detoxifying the body is a different level of healing. A favorable time to close out these cycles is in the last week of July. In this period of resolution we benefit from the recent boost of the new moon in Cancer in July. As we head toward the first week of August, the energy of impatience will matter in our responses and decision making. Managing the messages from our bodies is a test of composure, emotional availability and candor.

Remember, those who take time to open the lessons in the form of gifts from February and March 2022, may actually be able to apply the learning and prevent the lesson from repeating.

This innerwork rewards the diligent and reminds us that there is grace in returning to our own being to find the tools for our self discovery.

Peace and Light,

Queen Tea

Allen, David (2015). The Art of Getting Things Done. Penguin Books.

Advanced Astrology Class Topics

Energy Shifts

  • August 8 -11 Lions Gate

Netters of Inspiration

  • Horus August 12-19

  • Geb August 20-31

Wealth Windows

  • August 7-9 (Taurus -Nourishing the mind, body and spirit)

  • August 16 (Leo - Evaluate progress toward annual goals)

  • August 27 -28 (Capricorn - Take action in business and finance)

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