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The world is different. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it just is. Life as we know it is no more. My question to you is, is that really a bad thing?

It is somewhat normal for us to fear the unknown. We have been programed to fear what we do not know and control. Another question for you, were we ever really "in control" of our own lives or were we just dropped into one of a few collective storylines in life, given a subconscious manuscript for that role and expected to get into character? Think about it, birds of a feather flock together, right?

Just pretend for a moment you and those you spend the majority of your time interacting with are in a movie. What would the storyline be? What do the characters do with the majority of their time? Where do they go? What does the set look like? What genre is your movie? Is it action, thriller, comedy or maybe drama? Are you in a horror movie or is it a mix between suspense and a mystery? Do you do more "talking" about what you are "going" to do like you are in a documentary, explaining the past and how to fix the future? Or are you living an adventure, willing to get out and explore even though you don't really know what to expect?

The good news is, you really are the director of your personal film. We have been given the writing tools, a blank script hidden in our imagination. Our thoughts and words serve as the ink pen to our own reality. draw it out and make it come to life. We just need to decide, what we want this chapter of life to be.

The Age of Aquarius is the time, according to astrologers and historians, to bring about change. It represents rebellion. We d0n't have to agree on religion, politics, the judicial, medical nor the the educational systems. Even if we have ideas as to how those systems should operate that may differ from those around us. We cannot deny we are watching ALL of those systems be challenged.

This is the time to consider your own reality. Search yourself and imagine the world you would have wanted to grow up in. After all, if that is the life you wanted, wouldn't it be socially responsible to help build a better reality for our children, grandchildren, or just the overall future? What does that look like? Who are the individuals who want the same future? What was going on in the world at the time you admired? Who are your Heroes and Sheroes?

When you change your way of thinking, talking , your atmosphere and those who are not in alignment with your movie plot, you can and will change your story. Don't be afraid to add different colors to your life. Switch it up, add a little flavor. Change the scene and the characters. It's your life, write the next part of your story the way you want it to be. Get the leading actor (you) ready for the role and enjoy the show!

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